• Fouras, France

  • La Chaussée St. Victor

    Opened in 2000
    Split into a lower and upper town by floods, La Chaussée Saint-Victor, a Loire river-valley town used the installation to inform its inhabitants about the origins of the town settlement and the story of its move from valley to plateau.

    30 panels
    In French and English
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  • Migné-Auxances, France

  • Montmorillon, France

  • Pays de Chambord

    Opening in 2013
    17 towns in the center of France (Région Centre), under one umbrella organization called Pays de Chambord, ordered 110 panels with texts in French and English to attract and capture visitors or engage their increasingly mobile citizenry with fascinating information about their age-old foundation, famous historical personalities and industry throughout the ages. The tourists who arrive by car, bicycle, on foot or in a bus will find much more information than any guidebook provides.

  • Châteaux bicycle tour

    Opened in 2000
    The Museum in the Streets teamed up with the Pays des Châteaux to create a vast network of panels around the Loire Valley. The panels include maps for cyclists and suggest itineraries and stops. Village museums and local archivists provided the historical content and added photographs from their collections to the panels.
    Some towns on the circuit already have a Museum in the Streets of their own, offering a more in-depth visit to the people cycling through. Other towns are now considering adding new installations.
    Les Châteaux à Vélo has been a very successful project drawing together communities across a region into a common and collaborative venture.
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  • Pontlevoy, France

    Opened in 1995
    Pontlevoy's history dates back to prehistoric times. During the Napoleonic era, a nationally acclaimed school for boys was opened in Pontlevoy's historic Abbey (now the site of its own Museum in the Streets). The school changed the village from an agricultural to a more bourgeois community with thriving commerce.
    The town's archives are particularly rich thanks to the work of local photographer Louis Clergeau, whose meticulous documentation of early 20th century daily life is an invaluable resource.
    Pontlevoy is one of the towns along on the Châteaux bike-tour through the Loire Valley.

    30 panels
    In French and in English

  • Abbaye de Pontlevoy

    Opened in 2011
    The Eur-Am Center, operator of the Abbey of Pontlevoy, welcomes visitors to a unique walking tour on the private grounds of the Abbey. Vistors take a cultural and historical walking tour through the gardens, courtyards and into the 11th century chapel, Notre-Dame des Blanches.
    The panels show early 20th century photographs taken by local Pontilévien photographer Louis Clergeau.
    The Abbey's tour is a good example of a focused, thematic walk within a walk: Pontlevoy was the site of the first Museum in the Streets in 1995. This 2011 walk enriches and adds to the original village tour.

    The Eur-Am Center on Facebook The Eur-Am Center of Facebook
    17 panels
    In French and in English

  • St. Benoit, France

  • Queaux, France

  • Vignole Borbera, Italy

    Opening soon

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